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What is Aviation Safety

Aviation safety is a step towards the prevention of accidents and incidents in the aviation industry. In other words, we can say “Safety is no accident”. In fact, an accident or incident is rarely by accident. It betrays many telltale signs during its building upstages that can be easily identified for timely intervention.

An excellent selection of aviation books and related publications are available in our reference Library. Modern teaching methods are employed using whiteboards, overhead projectors and screens, computer compatible projectors, visual aids, educational videos and computer stations for our students.

All courses are taught in English unless the student desires otherwise. The Academy has the ability to instruct courses in Arabic or in any other language if the demand is great enough. Courses are conducted in the classrooms at the Academy, however, some practical exercises are carried out at the airport, in the desert, at sea and in the mountains.

The Academy gives students an entry test to determine their understanding and proficiency in their chosen field, and the level of study they are able to take.

At the end of each course, students are encouraged to complete an assessment form. This allows the Academy to evaluate the instructor’s performance as well as the performance of the Academy as a whole and look for areas of improvement.

Front of Aircraft

By the Academy mission statement and philosophy, the Academy of Technical Training is committed to the following objectives:

  1. To motivate, educate, and develop students to their maximum potential while enrolled in the offered technical courses.

  2. To maintain all instruction in a job-related environment to ensure participants have the greatest potential for employment in the occupational fields for which they are trained.

  3. To offer dedicated and qualified instructors that provide the tools of learning which will enhance each student's future success.

  4. To create an atmosphere for learning that is both personal and practical, while in an academy that is friendly and informative.

  5. To establish high standards of education and training to maintain corporate satisfaction among the business community for the academy graduates.

  6. To develop and effectively deliver educational and training programs for participants including professional technical courses, short courses, seminar workshops and conferences.

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